A glossary of poker terms that you should know!

This glossary covers all poker words and definitions, both live and online. You are not need to know all of these terminology to play online poker. However, to boost your chances of winning and to better comprehend the phrases used by the dealer and other players, please study the following terms.

Ante: A pre-deal bet that all players must make. Like a Blind, everyone must participate before the game begins.

All-in: A stake that includes all of the player’s chips.

Backdoor: Hitting the needed cards on the turn and river.

A bad beat occurs when a player in the lead statistically loses after the flop, turn, or river.

It is the second player to the left of the dealer’s blind.

Blind: A general phrase for either the little or big blind. The blinds are either to the left of the dealer button (small blind) or farther left (large blind) (big blind).

The board is the set of cards that all players utilize to build their best hand.

Before each betting round, the top card is burned.

Button: The dealer’s position.

Buy-In: The entry fee for a competition.

Call: To continue playing a hand with the least amount of money.

Check: not to bet.

A player checks when it’s his turn to bet and then increases any future bets in the same round.

On your turn, cold call two or more bets.

Hearts and clubs are a common sequence connector.

Community Cards: The cards handed face up in the middle of the table for all poker players to utilize.

Cut off: Right side of the button.

Dealer: A casino employee who shuffles and deals cards.

Dealer Button: The dealer button is passed clockwise after each hand.

Draw: Staying in the game to improve your hand (e.g., more cards).

Draw Out: A card that turns a losing hand into a winning one.

Drawing Dead: When a player draws but fails to generate a winning hand.

The first three community cards dealt following the first round of betting.

Five of a kind.

Folding is giving up and losing your stake. Players frequently fold when their hand is too weak to compete.

Four of a Kind: Four identical cards.

Three of a type and a pair.

Hand: Five cards, including pocket and communal cards.

Heads-Up: Playing in a single-player poker tournament.

Having the identical hand at showdown as another player. The player with the most kickers wins.

Limit: A set amount of bets and raises.

A Call is a Limp.

Muck: A hand’s discards.

Player’s full stack can wager in no-limit poker, with no minimum or maximum.

Nuts: A poker player’s best hand at any given time.

Off-Suit: Having a mix of suits.

Players receive four hole cards and must utilize two of them along with three of the five board cards to form a hand.

Over-Pair: In Texas Hold’em, a hole pair is more valuable than any community card.

Open-Ended: A straight with two possible cards.

A card that improves your hand.

Over-Cards: Having cards higher than the board or your opponent’s.

a pair of the same rank

Pocket Cards: Non-community cards in your hand.

Pot-Committed: A situation when you must call owing to the money in the pot.

Pot-Limit: The current pot size limits bets and raises.

Four of a kind.

A flop with no two cards of the same suit.

The house grabs a rake from each hand.

River: The fifth community card.

Raise: To wager more than the minimum call.

A Royal Flush is an ace-high straight flush in poker.

Satellite: A low-buy-in poker event that gathers funds and distributes tickets to higher-value poker tournaments.

Semi-Bluff: A bluff with a poker hand that has the potential to work.

A pocket pair that makes three.

After the last round of betting, reveal your hands.

A side pot is distinct from the main pot. The players who aren’t all-in form a side pot.

Sit ‘n Go: A poker event with a predetermined number of participants.

In order to keep other poker players in the game, a player must play slowly.

Small Blind: The Small Blind is the smallest of the two blind bets.

Two or more poker players make the same hand and divide the pot.

Straight: A five-card hand that is not suit-based.

Straight Flush: A five-card hand of the same suit.

Tilt: When a poker player loses numerous games in a row.

Time: A plea for additional thought time.

Top Pair: The board’s highest card pair.

Three of a kind.

Fourth Street: The fourth community card.

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