How do I locate online craps casinos?


Craps is a popular game at online casinos owing to the best bets and the lowest house edge of any casino game at only 1.41 percent. For comparison, the house advantage is three times better than most slots and roulette. To acquire fantastic odds, you must first avoid suckers.


Many casinos give incentives for playing table games like Craps. While Craps-specific incentives are uncommon, players may utilize other bonuses on table games if the bonus’s terms and conditions allow it.

In general, casinos that provide a large number of Craps games are more likely to wish to sell these items to players. We always advise reading the T&Cs before taking any incentive to ensure it meets your needs.

Learn to play craps online for free.

The internet is an excellent tool for new Craps players to learn about the game and practice their abilities. Some casinos and websites provide demo software that allows players to practice without risk.

Playing for free offers several benefits. Gamblers may concentrate on developing their skills, trying out new methods, or just enjoying the game without having to wager. Demo mode is a valuable tool for gamblers and gamers alike.

Win at Craps with JohnSlots

Maybe you got hooked craps after seeing the fast-paced, noisy and dramatic craps table explode into life with every roll of the dice. Maybe you saw it in a film or on TV. Or you heard about it and want to learn more.

JohnSlots is the best location to learn how to play craps. Begin with the fundamental game rules tutorial to learn how to play craps. Check out our glossary to learn more about the lingo you’ll hear at the table.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, check out our strategy guides to learn more and improve your game. JohnSlots is your craps playing friend.


When it comes to casino games, the JohnSlots crew is enthusiastic about them. Our Tips articles may help.

In these brief, easy-to-read articles, we break down an issue and provide readers answers to help them troubleshoot. Our tips articles cover all of the gaming genres on JohnSlots.

Online vs. live craps

The pros and downsides of playing at an online casino versus a brick-and-mortar casino are fundamentally different. Examinons a few of them and how they may benefit gamers.

Online casinos are usually accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Aside from gaming, casinos typically include live music and theater acts.

Online casinos routinely provide incentives and promotions to help players maximize their winnings.

Players who love conversing with other players or the dealers perceive this as a bonus.

Craps is a popular game, but most online casinos only have one or two versions. Casinos usually feature many tables, some of which can accommodate huge groups of players.

Craps variants

Due to Craps’ popularity, players have been creative with the rules, creating various varieties we still play today. Let’s quickly review some of the most popular Craps variants.

Craps variants


With Crapless Craps, it’s almost difficult to lose a Pass Line wager by rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll.

This game has a smaller house edge than others, making it less lucrative for the operator, which is why it is seldom given.

Point Craps

This variant of craps is easy, but it deviates greatly from the usual rules. A 2 or 3 on the come-out roll is disregarded and a second roll is made. 11 or 12 is a victory. Any other outcome determines the point number, and any higher wins the roll.

Rough Craps

It’s no surprise that Simplified Craps is popular with newbies. In this game, the shooter simply rolls the dice once, and the result determines the winner.

A player wins on 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12. On 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 the player loses. Not one Pass/Don’t Pass line wager. No Naturals. No Craps numbers.

Craps Riches

This unusual variation of craps is played with just one dice, making it simpler for beginners to grasp. A 6 on the come-out roll wins. A 1 on the same roll is a lose.

Landing 2-5 defines the round’s point number, and the player has three rolls to avoid rolling a 1. If a player fails to score within three rolls, the following player gets the dice and the game again.

Live casino Craps

Craps with a live dealer is rare right now. Currently, just one game developer offers live craps, but this may change as companies expand their offerings.

NY Craps

This variant’s table arrangement varies from the norm. Only box numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are bet. He wins if the chosen number falls. Or they lose. In New York Craps, the casino takes a 5% fee on all winning bets.

Craps online – why?

Here’s why we adore online craps.

Demo/free play option is ideal for practice.

Unlike a real casino, there are no distractions!

Play anytime, anyplace with table games promos!


Craps is a fast-paced game played by players worldwide, both online and offline. The JohnSlots website is an excellent place to learn the game’s rules, strategy, and advanced tips & techniques.

Frequently Asked Craps Questions

Find out the most frequently asked questions regarding the game of craps and playing craps online.


In traditional Craps, participants wager on the result of the shooter’s two-dice throws. The come-out roll starts the game, and a 7 may end it at any point. Before the 7 is rolled, players wager on the point number being hit or not.

How do I play online craps?

On the craps table, players put their chips to represent their wager. The chip value is set by controls at the game’s bottom.

What is the house edge?

The house edge changes depending on the bet. The house advantage on the important Pass/Don’t Pass bet is 1.41 percent and 1.36 percent, respectively. Each bet has a distinct house advantage.

What are the benefits of online craps?

Online craps has many benefits over live casino craps. Online gambling eliminates the need to go to a physical location. Online gaming is also quicker than live gaming since software performs faster than dealers.

Playing craps online

Before you start playing, you’ll need an online casino account. Check out our toplists for a variety of brands. After creating an account, you must fund it in order to play. Then run the craps program and play!

Is online craps safe?

Providing you play at a secure and licensed casino. Unlicensed casinos are not regulated by any rules and may subject players to unpleasant risks such as withdrawal refusals, account suspensions, and other unpleasant situations.

Inquire about the variety of table games. Craps is not as common as blackjack or roulette, although bigger, more known companies will offer it.

Can I play mobile craps?

This relies on the game developer creating a mobile-friendly version. It shouldn’t be too tough as most games nowadays are intended to be played on any platform, including smartphones and tablets.

Get a Craps Bonus!

Yes! Look for casinos that provide table games welcome bonuses and/or specials.

Can I play free craps?

Many table game makers provide a demo mode. This is a terrific opportunity to practice and test out craps for free.

What’s the best Craps strategy?

No one approach fits every player or gaming style. Visit our tactics guide to learn more.

Can I win online?

Yes, you can win at online craps. However, players should remember the house advantage and that each roll is absolutely random. No casino game can guarantee a victory.

Is no-crap better?

Better is a subjective phrase, although many beginning players prefer crapless craps. Playing a simple game initially helps develop confidence before going on to more intricate rules.

Craps: Is field betting profitable?

The field bet is a popular craps strategy, but it is not for everyone. Before settling on a plan, it’s critical to understand all the variables. More facts in our strategy guide.

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