Review of Jenny Vegas Casino

It’s safe to say that while Jenny Vegas online casino was obviously created as a parody of the famously blunt, and infamously overweight British comedian Johnny Vegas, whoever designed the branding had either never seen said rotund (but unquestionably witty) comedian in action, or more likely chose to create aesthetics that are the polar opposite of everything he stands for and resembles.

Anyone reading this from the United Kingdom will certainly recall Vegas as the kind of person who doesn’t take idiots lying down, but is himself the king of fools. A gentleman who may attempt to enter The Savoy while wearing jogging pants, provided he had a white dinner jacket in the James Bond style with a red rose in the breast pocket. In comparison, Jenny Vegas looks to be much more intellectual, or, as some might say, far more la-di-da. Yes, a chatterbox, but one that wears pink D&G sunglasses and buys at Sainsbury’s or Waitrose instead of Lidl or Aldi.

Loading up Jenny

When the landing page displays, a lady, assumed to be Jenny of the title, is shown in a dress with a pinkish-purple colour, pointing with two fingers at a message informing us that we will get a large bonus for registering with this specific online betting platform.

Let’s just say that everything looks thoroughly modern on this particular website; it may not be the most high-tech in terms of appearance or functionality, but this is a vast improvement over the last one we reviewed, which, for all intents and purposes, was the visual equivalent of a headache that began in the mid-2000s and has never subsided. So far, so good, at least relatively speaking; let’s examine the offerings.

Hand-Selected Games

You’ll discover a selection of games that have been “hand-picked” (probably by an algorithm) if you scroll down a little from all that introductory text. These fall within the ‘Featured’ and ‘New’ categories.

It’s better to click ‘All Games’ at the top of the homepage to see precisely what’s available, because neither of these terms requires much explanation. Or not, depending on the circumstances. Whoever believed the design of this and other casino websites we can think of was a good idea was clearly not in their right mind.

People, players, gamers, gamblers, or whichever you like to refer to the users of casino websites, would like to choose what they want to play, and probably more significantly, what they want to see they can play. Jenny Vegas basically combines all of the thumbnails into one single string, thus poker is shown with slots and baccarat, and so on. This is, to put it plainly, poor design; nobody wants to click endlessly, but there is a third option, which includes categorizing items with a scroll down.

Not for Professional Gamers

With this in mind, there is only one conclusion to be made: this website was not designed with the serious player in mind, but rather with the casual gamer in mind. Perhaps the gambling equivalent of a commitment-phobe, it won’t please everyone, but as the phrase goes, you can’t please everyone all the time. As such, consider us, at least for this portion of the review, to be very much like everyone else, i.e. dissatisfied.

Not Quantity But Quality

Putting aside this pretty blatant criticism, there is plenty to be stated about the actual quality of games provided here. In the big scheme of things, the slots and card games like as blackjack are certainly up to par, and for that we must praise whomever decided what to allow and exclude. There are no unattractive sprites or dreadful visuals on this site; simply competent, if not mind-blowing, games that provide possibilities to earn somewhat large sums of money. In an age of perpetual disappointment and dismay about the general trajectory of the human race, you can’t say much fairer than that, can you?

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