Overview of the Slot Game, “Legion Gold”

In case you were curious, a legionnaire’s salary during the reign of Julius Caesar was 225 Denarii a year, paid out in three installments, with a 75 Denarii signing bonus. Given that Denarii were the prevalent silver currency of the day, it’s doubtful that normal troops had much of an opportunity to interact with gold. However, some may have received salt rations, so that qualifies. In any case, when gamers queue up to take on Legion Gold from developer Play’n GO, they probably won’t be thinking about collecting salt or silver. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think Legion Gold can provide you the wealth of a country you conquer. However, the slot’s Gold Re-spins round and Mega Free Spins with a roving mega-sized symbol can entice gamblers interested in Ancient Rome.

The events of Legion Gold occur in a luxurious Roman location during the height of the Roman Empire. A strong civilization that, in its heyday, perhaps believed it would survive forever is symbolized by the thick, solid columns. As is typical with human endeavors, the pendulum finally swung back the opposite way. Numerous empires have emerged, flourished, and ultimately collapsed. The virtuous cycle persists. Fans of Ancient Rome can relive its grandeur when it was, if not the center, at least one of the centers of the globe in Legion Gold.

Legion Gold is played on a 5-reel, 3-row game grid with 25 paylines to help players line up winning combos. From the first reel onward, any combination of three or more identical symbols pays. Legion Gold has a default RTP of 96.2% and is mathematically considered a medium-volatility game. PnG, as is customary, employs a variant of RTP that may be downgraded to a less capable version. Most gamblers will be satisfied with the range of possible wagers, which goes from 5 pence to £/€100 every game round.

There are eight normal payouts in Legion Gold, with four low and four high paying symbols, a wild, a scatter, and gold Coins. A line of five standard pay symbols results in a payout of 2x the wager if the symbols are Js through As, or 8x to 20x the wager if the symbols are Eagles, Dogs, Horses, or Bears. The wild symbols, which are depicted as legionnaires, appear on all reels and can form full reel stacks. When forming winning lines, wilds can stand in for any other symbol save the special pay symbols and are worth the same as the growling bear pay.

Features of the Legion Gold Slot

Legion Gold features not one but two bonus rounds, much like Rome was supposedly established by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. There is a hold ‘n win round activated by gold coins, and there are also free spins in which a huge symbol moves across the board.

Infinite Gold Spinning

When 6 Gold Coins appear during the main game, Gold Re-spins are awarded. The triggering Coins persist into the bonus round as usual, and the bonus round concludes when either all available spins have been used up or all available positions on the board have been filled with Coins. At that point, the sum of all visible values is given to the player.

Tons of Free Turns

The second bonus round in Legion’s Gold is activated when players see three scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. After the three scatters combine into one huge symbol, the player receives five Mega Free Spins. During Mega Free Spins, the enormous symbol can appear anywhere on the grid. When determining potential payouts, the colossal symbol acts as if it were nine individual symbols.

Conclusion on Slots in Legion Gold

The ancient city of Rome wasn’t constructed overnight, but maybe the online slot Legion Gold was. Not exactly, but it didn’t seem like a challenge for a seasoned developer like Play’n GO, either. Play’n GO seldom puts out a bad-looking game, and this one is no exception. The premium symbols, which feature an unusual but intriguing assortment of animals, are drenched in opulent Roman iconography. When compared to the usual decorations of these games—weapons and hordes of troops or gladiators—they were a refreshing change of pace.

The gameplay was fine; the problem with Legion Gold was that the two bonus rounds lacked originality and substance. Wolf Gold’s free spins feature, for example, are essentially the same gigantic symbol seen in subsequent games like Akiva: Claws of Power, Apache Way, and Lost City of the Djinn. Even if the giant symbol’s wandering nature is unusual, it’s great that it appears here and there. The Gold Re-spins feature was just as rare, if not rarer. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the Mega Free Spins bonus round activated so much more frequently than the hold ‘n win round did throughout the review, but damned if the Gold Re-spins bonus round wasn’t a tease.

We examined Play’n GO’s Gates of Troy, another ancient civilization-themed slot, not long before Legion Gold came out. While Gates of Troy focused on Greek mythology rather than Roman history and featured a different set of bonus rounds, both games feel rather average. However, players interested in Legion Gold’s roving, colossal symbols might be intrigued by the Mega Free Spins bonus round.

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